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ISO 21001:2018

Management systems for educational organizations

Educational organizations — Management systems for educational organizations — Requirements with guidance for use

ISO 29991:2020

Language-Learning Services

Language services outside formal education — Requirements

ISO 29993:2017

Learning services outside formal education

Language services outside formal education — Requirements

ISO 29994:2017

Education and learning services

Learning services outside formal education — Service requirements / Distance Learning

The international standard for education

Education is a complex and multifaceted field, and standards can vary significantly depending on factors such as cultural context, educational philosophy, and national or regional regulations. As a result, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all ISO standard that comprehensively covers all aspects of education globally.

Instead, various organizations and initiatives develop guidelines, frameworks, and best practices tailored to specific aspects of education, such as curriculum development, teacher training, educational management systems, and information technology in learning. These standards aim to promote quality, equity, and effectiveness in education within their respective domains while recognizing the diversity and complexity of educational systems worldwide.

Furthermore, many countries have their own national standards and regulatory bodies responsible for overseeing education and ensuring compliance with local requirements. These national standards often reflect the unique needs, priorities, and cultural contexts of each country’s education system.

Overall, while there isn’t a single ISO standard that comprehensively covers all aspects of education globally, there are numerous standards, guidelines, and initiatives aimed at promoting quality education and supporting the diverse needs of learners around the world.

Education Standard

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 Do you want to grow as an organization, institute, or agency providing non-formal education and learning services? One of the finest ways to increase your credibility and business is to get ISO certification. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published certain International Standards that are considered as a formula describing the best way of doing something (in your case, providing learning services par excellence). ISO Certification assures credibility, customer satisfaction, efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, quality, and continuous improvement. The Certification opens new doors to business and attracts new customers. ISO covers you in each case, whether you provide face-to-face or remote services via any digital medium. Target groups: Organizations and experts work in the fields of Educational Management, Educational Consultancy Services, Educational Development, MSEO, Management systems for Educational Organizations, Language Services, Universities, Vocational Training Institutions, and Colleges and Institutions of Higher Education.