ISO 29993: Ensuring productive learning by raising Learning Services standards

The contemporary modern world requires you to acquire modern skills, while learning requires a lot of time, money, and effort. Therefore, you must be assured that you are getting quality learning services so that your precious time, resources, and efforts won’t go in vain. This standard covers you here.

What is ISO 29993?

It is an international service standard that has defined minimum requirements for all types of learning provided by a learning services provider (LSP) outside formal education.

Why you should check for ISO certification before getting learning services?

ISO 29993 ensures that the learning services must have key features imperative to achieve quality, including well-defined goals and output, comprehensive evaluation for improvement, and sufficient interaction with the learner. This makes ISO-certified LSPs trustworthy as you are already sure that you’re getting services from experts that meet specified criteria. The Standard is equally applicable to face-to-face learning or tech-based learning.

What are the key benefits of ISO 29993 Certification?

Learning Services Certification assists private providers of learning services in providing high-quality, and result-oriented learning services.

Some of the advantages of International Standard are:

Improved efficiency– It will improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of your learning services by reforming various elements of your services and processes.

Increased customer satisfaction – Having ISO certification will satisfy your existing customers and help attract new ones.

Enhanced credibility and outreach– The ISO certification enables you to become a globally recognized LSP that features reliability, quality, and effectiveness of learning services.

If you are not ISO 29993 certified, you are missing out on the opportunity to take your business to new heights. Contact me to have a free-of-charge strategic meeting to discuss the details. The ISO 29993 standard is for institutions, organizations, agencies, and individual freelancers.The Zoom meetings are intended only for Organizations, NOT for Freelancers

Your Senior Lead Auditor
Dr. Mohamed-Ali IBRAHIM