The International Education Certification System i-ECS® is an Austrian organization that provides independent auditing and certification services.

Educational institutions that deal with the provision of learning services on the one hand, and on the other hand, if you want to implement management system standards, more flexibility and professionalism should be offered. This new range of standards, therefore, offers new opportunities for training and educational institutions.

i-ECS® is an Austrian organization that provides independent auditing and certification services for institutions that want to deploy one of the field-specific ISO standards. Educational institutions, Universities, Faculties, Schools, or Training Institutes that deal with the provision of learning or language services and traditional or vocational training services are our target groups.

Most Papular Standards Of Education Feild

Education certification services to obtain the ISO certificate of the desired discipline. The portfolio of our education certification services includes the following standards:

ISO 21001

Certifying standardized management systems for educational organizations

Do you want to show your ability as an educational organization to upkeep competence, and enhance the satisfaction of beneficiaries? If yes, you need to use ISO 21001.

ISO 29991

Enhancing standard and quality of language learning services

Before finalizing the concept of an institute for language learning beyond formal education, you need to ensure that the learning objectives are well-defined and evaluated.

ISO 29993

Ensuring productive learning by raising Learning Services standards

The contemporary modern world requires you to acquire modern skills, while learning requires a lot of time, money, and effort. Therefore, you must be assured that you are 

ISO 29994

Specifying Requirements for Distance Learning Services

Learning is a prerequisite for success. Distance learning gained importance after the eruption of the coronavirus pandemic. While opting for distance learning, you need to be assured that the service provider is par excellence.

Our Services

Our ISO evaluation and certification services in the education field ensure that educational institutions meet and maintain international standards of quality and effectiveness. We specialize in assessing educational organizations according to ISO standards such as ISO 21001 for educational management systems, ISO 29993 for distance learning, and ISO 29994 for e-learning platforms. Our comprehensive evaluation process helps educational institutions enhance their processes, improve learning outcomes, and demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality education. Contact us today to learn more about how our ISO certification services can benefit your educational institution.

Get Your Education ISO Certified (1)

Education Certification

The ISO Education Certification for quality management systems presents the delegation to flexibility, and constant development and provides high-grade quality education. These are substantial benefits of ISO education certification for Educational Institutions. Also, ISO education certification plays a crucial part in building a sustainable culture of high performance.

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Assessment and Evaluation in Education

Assessment and Evaluation in Education for general quality management

Assessment and Evaluation in Education for general quality management, we also offer Education/Training Specific Quality Management Auditing Services covering all the ISO Standard Requirements in the Education/Training fields

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Certification Milestones

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