ISO 21001: Certifying standardized management systems for educational organizations

Do you want to show your ability as an educational organization to upkeep competence, and enhance the satisfaction of beneficiaries? If yes, you need to use ISO 21001.

What is ISO 21001 all about?

It is an international standard that specifies requirements for a management system for educational organizations (EOMS). This standard follows the High-Level Structure(HLS) of ISO for management system standards.

Why you should check for ISO certification before getting learning services?

It helps to demonstrate the ability of an organization to support the creation, dissemination, and persistent provision of knowledge for achieving competency. The effective application of this Standard results in enhanced satisfaction of learners, and other beneficiaries.

What are the key benefits of Certification?

This standard assists an organization in evaluating the degree to which it fulfills the requirements of learners and other customers. The Standard, therefore, enables an organization to improve its ability to continuously support the development of competence and enhance customer satisfaction.

Some advantages of the International Standard are:

Increased efficiency and effectiveness – ISO 21001 provides tools for consistent processes and evaluation, which ultimately results in increased efficiency and effectiveness of an organization.

Enhanced learners ’satisfaction –Higher customer satisfaction must attract new customers. This Standard’s primary goal is to enhance the satisfaction of your customers.

Increased credibility–ISO Certification will increase your credibility, as it will help you demonstrate your ability to deliver quality learning services. The Certification will also help you to broaden your spectrum and go global.

The ISO 21001 applies to the management system of any educational organization of any size such as tutoring or coaching centers, training organizations, and non-formal educational service providers.

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