ISO 29991:Enhancing standard and quality of language learning services

Before finalizing the concept of an institute for language learning beyond formal education, you need to ensure that the learning objectives are well-defined and evaluated.

Why Should You Check For ISO 29991 before acquiring language learning services?

ISO 29991 is an international standard that sets specific requirements for language services providers outside formal education. This standard ensures quality learning based on the learner’s interaction, defined learning objectives, and evaluation. The Standard addresses services delivered either face-to-face or remotely via any digital medium.

What are the benefits of ISO 29991:2014 certification?

This standard aims at improving the language services market; protecting consumers, and enhance the quality of language learning services for all interested parties. The Standard is beneficial especially for institutes of English Language Training with a Certificate.

Here are a few advantages of the ISO 29991 framework:

A universal reference model –The standard provides a universal model for language services providers to plan, develop, and implement high-quality tutoring programs and processes.

Determining language learning needs–This standard helps companies find their specific needs essential for implementing high-quality tutorial programs and processes.

Designing learning services –This standard helps service providers find methods and instruments to create learning services. Also, it helps define the specific responsibilities of the learner and the instructor.

The ISO 29991 standard is for language learning service providers of all kinds and sizes, as well as associations and agencies.

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