Education certification services to obtain the ISO certificate of the desired discipline. The portfolio of our education certification services includes the following standards:
ISO 29991:2014 / ISO 29993:2017 / ISO 29994:2017 / ISO 21001:2018

Education Certification

The ISO Education Certification for quality management systems presents the delegation to flexibility, and constant development and provides high-grade quality education. These are substantial benefits of ISO education certification for Educational Institutions. Also, ISO education certification plays a crucial part in building a sustainable culture of high performance.

ISO certification for education has been applied across all business divisions but is more prevalent in some than others. ISO education certification presents particular requirements for a quality management system that will increase the ability to deliver care that meets students' needs consistently.

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Get Your Education ISO Certified (3)

Education Certification Services

We offer added-value Certification Audits from IECS AUSTRIA to obtain the ISO certificate of the desired discipline
- Organizational System Certification
- Professional Individual Certification

1. Organizational System Certification:

ISO Certification for education is a valuable fact to deliver proof by illustrating that your services meet client desires and fulfill specific requirements. Certification may be a legitimate or legally binding requirement for a few businesses. In about all corporations, certifications make a better level of security, confidence, and increment performance. Our auditors have the specific Education standards knowledge plus the principles of an optimal management system, besides, they are well-trained to deliver an added-value service focusing on considering the client requirements and enhancing the performance.

IQC AUSTRIA is our accreditation body and partner, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, providing management system certification services to the Education & service sectors all over the world.

Audits the management systems of the customer organization to determine compliance with the relevant standards and provide value-added reports to encourage corrective actions (if necessary) and opportunities for improvement. The portfolio of our certification services includes the following standards:

 ISO 29991:2014 / ISO 29993:2017 / ISO 29994:2017 / ISO 21001:2018

Our hands-on and friendly audit team gains a deep understanding of your business in the first stage, its strategic direction, context, risks, and service delivery processes to ensure a customer-centric perspective for the benefit of customers, employees, and broader stakeholders.

The procedure of an ISO education certification

The process of certification by IECS AUSTRIA follows a clear plan.
On this page, we will introduce you to the steps you need to take to get to the certification audit and obtain the ISO certificate in the desired discipline.

Step 1: Initial audit Part 1
System check and start requirement

In the first step of the process of certification, your IECS  AUSTRIA auditor considers the structure of your management system, the manual in the form you deliver, the process landscape, and the sequence and interaction of your processes.
In discussion with your management, they let us know about the orientation of your company, and we develop a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. This is how we identify the potential for improvement that offers you a real competitive advantage. In addition, we look at your (preliminary) Management Review and your internal audits. In conjunction with the corporate goals, we take this information into account in the next audit step.
After closing this step and gaining a deep understanding of your processes, procedures, and work instructions, we will determine the further course of the audit with you. You have the opportunity to fix potential vulnerabilities until the next audit step.

Step 2: Initial audit Part 2
Practical implementation

In the second step of the certification process, we audit how you have implemented the requirements for your management system. At a certain audit scope, we will put together a suitable auditing team. You will learn about this from us in advance so that you can plan accordingly, In the beginning, we interview the management. Current issues flow directly into the audit. We then audit the parts of the management system that provide basic information. We will look at the practical application on-site.

Finally, we provide you with a comprehensive audit report with a summary for your management. If there are no deviations, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate that is valid for three years. If deviations are detected, they must be appropriately processed so that you receive your certificate after the re-audit.

Step 3: Surveillance audit
Maintaining the certification

At the latest twelve months after completion of the initial audit, an audit of parts of your management system will take place. Shorter intervals of nine or six months are possible. Finally, you will again receive the audit report with a summary for your management.

IECS AUSTRIA Tip: The Surveillance audits should primarily serve your company. Your auditor will focus on critical issues such as customer satisfaction or the impact of your management system on your business results. Their goals, as well as current issues, are central to the audit process.

Step 4: Last Surveillance Audit / Focus audit
Your future planning

In the last audit before the recertification (focus audit), we bundle the results for your management: How has your management system developed since the initial audit? What progress has been made? In doing so, we take the focal points of your corporate strategy into account.

The results for future planning are taken into account in the audit planning. On this basis, you can successfully start a new certification cycle (recertification) over three years. The certification process starts again.

Our Tip:
The audit report provides a simple overview of possible strengths and weaknesses. Your IECS  AUSTRIA Auditor also points out the potential for improvement.

The Workflow of our certification process:

  • Application – tell us what you need, and we review your application and approve it.
  • Proposal & Contract – we give you a proposal detailing the cost and time involved in a formal assessment.
  • Meet your assessment team – we assign you a dedicated Customer Relations Responsible.
  • Pre-Audit – optional pre-assessment identifies any omissions or weaknesses that need resolving.
  • Audit – this comprises several stages, depending on the chosen standard.
    Certification – issues the international ISO Certificate, clearly outlining the scope of your certification.
  • Compliance – Customer Relations Responsible will carry out ongoing assessments to support your continual improvement activities.

2. Professional Individual Education Certification

Target groups:

  • Board directors
  • Managers
  • Education practitioners
  • CEOs
  • Education quality auditors
  • Consultant Etc.

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Certification Milestones

  • Free strategic meeting
  • Your tailored proposal
  • Confirmation
  • Stage 1 Audit date
  • Stage 2 Audit date (Certification)
  • Obtain your Certificate