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The following service standards are available:

҉  ISO 29993: 2017, Learning services outside formal education – service requirements, focus on educational services in the general sense.
҉  ISO 29991: 2014, language learning services for training and further education – requirements, is aimed at organizations that offer language courses exclusively or in addition.
҉  ISO 29994, Learning services outside formal education – Additional requirements for Distance Learning (under development).

The above standards can be combined with the following new standards, which are partly still in development and the various components of learning services.
҉  ISO 29992: 2018, evaluation of the results of learning services – recommendations for implementation.
The focus of this standard is on evaluating learning outcomes.
҉ – ISO 29995, Learning Services Outside Formal Education – Terminology (under development).
This draft standard is designed to help organizations understand the terms and definitions of
learning services facilitate.
The following ISO standard focuses on a management system that is developed specifically to the education sector:
҉  ISO 21001, Educational organizations – Management systems for educational organizations requirements with instructions for use, specifies requirements for the management system with a view to the specific requirements of a variety of educational institutions have been formulated.
This standard follows the “High-Level Structure” (HLS) of ISO for management system standards and is, therefore, easier to use in conjunction with other ISO management system standards.